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The Difference Between Chair Pilates and Mat Pilates!

Since its inception, pilates has an attraction from everyone. Starting off as an aid to soldiers to dancers to the go-to workout for actors, pilates has gained worldwide popularity. Pilates from beginners to professionals to pro athletes to even senior citizens, pilates has mesmerized many. Perhaps, it is all thanks to the varied benefits full body pilates blesses us with. Strengthening the core, boosting flexibility, building lean muscles, toning up your body-the benefits of pilates are limitless!

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As Pilates transforms from a professional dancer’s love to mainstream workouts, many newcomers may get overwhelmed when stepping into a new studio. Perhaps, newbies may even wonder whether to strap onto a reformer or climb onto a fuse ladder or even start as simple as rolling out the mat to start on the journey of pilates.

It can get challenging to decide which pilates equipment is right for you. Here’s a basic understanding between chair pilates and mat pilates so you get the dream pilates body:

1. Mat Pilates:

The classic of them all. The easiest pilates that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. The low-impact kind of exercise leads to the simplest benefits. Yes, we’re talking about Mat Pilates!

Recommended for beginners, Mat Pilates is known to strengthen, lengthen, and flex your arms and legs while toning your entire body without the assistance of any equipment.

Similar to a yoga mat, pilates is practiced with a thicker foam mat with slow and controlled movements with a special focus on core strengthening.

Mat Pilates, also a form of resistance training also leads to better coordination, improved posture, and enhanced flexibility, as well as teaches breath control as a part of the Pilates method.

From beginner to advanced levels, mat pilates is an ideal workout since mat pilates workouts can be modified to your level of fitness. One can build the difficulty level in pilates with a ring and ball or decrease the level of difficulty with basic mat exercises.

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2. Chair Pilates:

The Pilates chair also popularly known as the Wunda chair is a piece of Pilates equipment devised for specific Pilates movements. One of the original innovations by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates chair is a chair-like structure with a padded seat, resistance springs, pedals, and a sidebar.

Chair pilates, similar to mat pilates also focuses on strengthening the core, challenging your muscle with body weight, toning from head to toe, and is an excellent way to perform standing and seated workouts.

Being a functional piece of equipment, chair pilates is also great for rehabilitation. Since it provides the perfect opportunity to practice multiple exercises in a standing position. In chair pilates, instructors can utilize the chair to move from basic exercises to integrated standing movements, working equally on your arm and leg muscles.

Chair pilates can also be the go-to workout for sports athletes as well as sports professionals since it is one of the most challenging pilates equipment. For the same reason, chair pilates can be a powerful workout for skiers, runners, and football players too. Chair pilates is also recommended for tennis players and golf enthusiasts since it can build great strong mobility and sturdy upper body strength.

As amazing as chair pilates sounds, it is also an effective way of making your workouts interesting, and fun, as well as challenging with varied acrobatic movements.

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