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Reformer Pilates 101

“Let the reformer transform you”

Such true words couldn’t have been written. As versatile as it can get, reformer pilates is an apparatus like no other. Reformer exercises lengthen and strengthen the body under the spring tension. Reformer Pilates is also the ideal workout for today’s famous sedentary lifestyle with factors such as long working hours, continued seated position, and less to no workout. Since reformer pilates creates internal pressure that elongates the joints, spine, and builds muscle, it becomes the perfect fitness routine for the majority population out there.

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With its varied benefits, let’s decode the reformer as equipment:

Designed as a resistance exercise, Joseph Pilates original design thought included a level of support for certain exercises. Joseph Pilates formed the reformer apparatus as a bed-like structure with springs that roll back and forth within the set frame. The simple beauty of the reformer lies in creativity and the ability to level up or tone down, as per the needs of the practitioner. If one is a pro athlete, one can challenge their workouts by increasing the resistance of the reformer exercises. If one is a beginner, one can start with pilates mat exercises as well as gradually level up with reformer exercises. Reformer pilates exercises are also great for rehabilitation, as the apparatus lends a level of support while also ensuring correct posture and stance.

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Let’s understand the varied pros of the reformer exercises in detail:

1. Fixes Muscle Imbalance: The Pilates method works with all muscle groups in harmony. Pilates reformer exercises work on building your core and strengthening all sides of your body, fixing muscle imbalances.

2. Tones Muscles: Besides even fixing your imbalances, reformer exercises tone a variety of major muscle groups, thereby providing a full-body workout.

3. Protects from Injury: One of the unique benefits of the pilates reformer workout also aids in injury prevention since it improves posture, balance, and muscle abnormalities. Pilates as a practice builds a sense of mindful movement in you as well.

4. Boosts Flexibility: With the integration of resistance training, reformer exercises can boost flexibility, vastly, since a lot of the pilates reformer workouts include dynamic stretching.

5. Build Strength: Since reformer exercises are a form of resistance training, you build strength too. By adding springs to particular movements, you can even control the resistance and gradually increase your strength training.

The Pilates method is made of many essential principles. From precision, flow, concentration, breathing, and integration. Such principles can only be mastered with practice. Needless to say, practice makes a man perfect. Like in any sport or discipline, reformer pilates exercise needs practice. It’s suggested to start reformer exercises twice a week to get a proper grip and slow orient with the working of the pilates reformer machine. If you’re a beginner to reformer pilates, you can start with mat pilates and work your way up. With practice, you integrate the principle of pilates into your routine, and you’ll be moving the deepest muscle with fine coordination of your body and mind.

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