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How Pilates Helps Improve Mental Health!

Since its inception in the 19th century, pilates is known largely for its physical benefits. Physical benefits such as body toning, building flexibility, improving mobility, enhancing posture, and even aiding weight loss. Perhaps, the reason behind such popularity is how pilates boosts rehabilitation as well as the adaptation of celebrities and dancers of the art. But besides the physical benefits, did you know the Pilates method is also known for its mental benefits?

Pilates is the connection of mind, body, and soul. Since Joseph Pilates deeply believed that the Pilates workout is both- a work of physical and mental, even the principles of Pilates include control, flow, alignment, as well as concentration, coordination, control, and most importantlybreathing. Owing to such principles, Joseph Pilate’s method included control and technique over mindless repetition.

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Let’s understand the mental benefits better:

Helps manage stress and boosts relaxation:

Exercise is known to decrease cortisol- the primary stress hormone in humans and release endorphins in the body- “the feel-good hormone”. Pilates, being a form of exercise liberates such hormones as well as aids in coping with stress factors. Pilates workouts may also improve your stress resilience by helping you cope with stress better.

Enhances brain function and memory:

Since Pilates is a method of the mind and body, when performing any form of Pilates exercise, one equally engages the mind as much as the body. While in other aerobic or automated exercise forms such as running, jogging, or muscle training, one necessarily doesn’t engage the mind, leading to limited benefits from one’s workout.

Additionally, with better breathing one improves blood circulation too, leading to healthy blood flow to the brain, which makes one think clearly and process information faster. Such circulation improves the connection between nerves in the brain, builds your memory, and protects the brain from disease or injury.

Treats Depression & Anxiety:

Depression, anxiety, and stress are some of the leading pain points in today’s lifestyle, with a major chunk of the population suffering from such symptoms. Pilates as an exercise helps in combatting such factors. The Pilates method is known to change the levels of chemicals in the brain such as serotonin, cortisol and endorphins, which helps in better management of these symptoms. Additionally, when you choose to do a pilates workout in a proper pilates studio, you tend to socialise, create a self-care routine, as well as distract yourself from gloomy thoughts, which keeps such pressing factors for building a better lifestyle.

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Leads to Mindful Movement:

Breathing; is an essential of life subsequently, it is used in a wide range of exercises such as yoga, walking, slow jogging, and Pilates. Even in the Pilates workout, breathing is an indispensable element as one of its principle. Such improved breathing increases the efficacy of your exercises, helps supply oxygen to the muscles, and boosts your breathing pattern daily.

Such a practice builds a better mind and body connection.

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