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6 Popular Types of Pilates and How to Do Them

Pilates in the last decade has picked up at a rapid pace. People have switched from the traditional methods of working out and have started opting for a method of exercise that not only transforms the body but also brings a balance mentally and emotionally. Pilates has proven to be the perfect way of bridging the gap between mind, soul, and body. With its effectiveness and the added benefits of Pilates, there have been many Pilates classes or Pilates Studios in Mumbai and other regions of India.

As humans are evolving so are their eating habits, lifestyle, and many other external and internal factors such as stress, and lack of sleep which have an adverse effect on their health. It is important that individuals prioritize their mental as well as physical health to be fit and healthy. The question about Pilates always arises in the mind of many individuals as to why is Pilates so unique and how is it different from any other traditional methods of working out and why should a Pilates regime be a part of our life today. A Pilates workout just does not concentrate on the flexibility of the muscle but it also improves body balance. With proper stretch and workout, the release of endorphins is encouraged and the mind is trained to be more focused and sharper.

While Pilates workout is trending these days it is necessary for people to know about the different kinds of Pilates workout and its benefits. The popular types of Pilates exercises are:

1. Mat Pilates Exercises to begin with

As a beginner who has just heard about Pilates and wants to start with it, it is recommended by experts that a beginner starts with Pilates Mat Exercises. As the name suggests Pilates Mat Exercises are done on a flat surface on a mat. The set of exercises carried out on a mat is a blend of many exercises and their variations. These exercises primarily focus on improving the posture & structure of the body. These exercises look simple but when done correctly can be quite challenging. After a while of doing Pilates Mat Exercises diligently, one might notice admirable results.

2. Adjusting the resistance with Reformer Pilates exercises

Second on our list as a Pilates Exercise is a popular and much-opted kind of Pilates workout. The Reformer Pilates Workout is a mostly opted kind of workout. The apparatus of the Reformer Pilates Workout can be adjusted as per the resistance and postural control achieved with breathing and coordinated movements. Reformer Pilates Workout is encouraged for people who wish to strengthen their core or even by dancers for injury rehabilitation.

3. Stabilizing the core with Bodhi Pilates

The Bodhi Pilates Workout is a little more challenging than the other Pilates Workouts as this kind of workout focuses on the stability of core muscles & develops body strength and flexibility. Bodhi Pilates Workout challenges the body and refines the natural movement of the body. The kind of exercises done during Bodhi Pilates helps in overcoming any injury.

4. Stimulating multiple muscles with MOTR Pilates

The other popular kind of workout is MOTR Pilates is a workout where any exercise can be done at a time. This kind of workout is normally opted for by sports persons as it stimulates multiple muscle groups by combining balance challenges & dynamic movement to achieve flexibility and improve strength.

5. Building endurance with Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair Pilates workout has been designed to focus on flexibility & stability. The Wundachair adds more resistance and gains endurance and ensures better results. This workout is encouraged for body flexibility and increases range of motion.

6. Challenging the body with Cadillac Pilates

Last but not least the most opted workout is Cadillac Pilates Workout which uses specialized Cadillac equipment and it focuses primarily on toning almost every muscle with challenging poses and slight resistance.

It is always recommended to learn Pilates from a certified expert and it is recommended to work out at Pilates Classes rather than working out alone. Embraced by people from all walks of life, Pilates has become a well-known and widely practiced exercise regime. Over time, Sheetal's Core Pilates has gained immense popularity and recognition among individuals seeking a fitter and healthier body. With numerous Pilates classes in South Mumbai, Worli, Sheetal's Core Pilates stands out as a trusted option for achieving the individual's fitness goals.

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